Year 3

Following enrolment, all children will sit an initial assessment in math, literacy, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning.

Our focus is to help children develop basic skills in reading, number, and writing (the three Rs). Without a firm grasp of these fundamental skills children will struggle to make the required progress throughout key stage 2. We also believe it is important to help children to develop good concentration skills and a positive approach to learning.

Your child will practise reading different text and discussing them to promote good comprehension. Emphasis is also placed on developing children’s writing, including their handwriting, punctuation and spelling.

In maths the focus is on acquiring addition and subtraction number facts to 50, place value, understanding multiplication and division, shapes, measurement (time), money, problem solving and mental calculations. We will aim to ensure your child knows the 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x and 10x tables at the very least, by the end of the year.

We work within the guidelines of the National Curriculum and this ensures that your child consolidates concepts learnt in school. We use a range of teaching strategies; many of which will be familiar to your child.

In year 3 we ensure that the children work at a pace that is right for them. There is no pressure to cover huge amounts of content therefore time can be spent on ensuring that the children really understand concepts before moving them on.

Homework is an integral part of our programme as it provides an opportunity for children to practice what they have learnt independently. In addition, we ask for full parental support in helping children to learn multiplication tables and weekly spellings.

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