Our Approach

We pride ourselves on the caring, family nature of the school where every child matters and where children from a variety of cultural and social backgrounds can feel secure and equally valued to enable them achieve their personal best.

Our focus is on the development of the “whole child.” We value academic rigour, hard work, self-discipline, respect for others and taking responsibility for one’s learning.

Partnership with Local Schools

We (are) make every effort to establish good relationships with local schools. There are two main benefits to this: 1) schools are becoming increasingly aware of the value that good quality tuition can add to a child’s educational progress and 2) when we work in partnership with your child’s school we will have a clearer understanding of your child’s strengths, areas for development and any special educational needs.

Learning Environment

Barrett Hay is first and foremost a learning environment. Small classes, individual care and setting, where appropriate, are key ingredients for ensuring that children develop to their full potential.

We are firm believers that encouragement as opposed to pressure enables children to blossom and that learning should be fun and rewarding.

Through our learning environment we promote a good work ethos while encouraging all children to acquire a healthy appetite for both group learning and independent study.


Employing high quality staff ensures first class teaching. The passion of our well-qualified teachers creates a learning environment that is vibrant, stimulating, and supportive.

One of our greatest strengths is our teachers’ ability to give each child the right support to achieve his/her best. Each child’s development is monitored by their class teacher and the principal.

We are proud of the progress that children make across a range of areas through attending our school (please see our parent testimonials).

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