Year 5

Following enrolment, all children sit an initial assessment in English, maths, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning in order to determine what concepts have been grasped and to identify the areas in need of development.

Our teachers are very experienced in preparing children for entrance exams for entry to State, Grammar and Independent schools. Pupils will practise past 11+ papers under timed conditions, gain experience in how to approach verbal and non- verbal reasoning tests and hone their skills in mathematics and English. Without adequate experience, these tests prove to be very challenging for the majority of children. We aim to improve your child’s knowledge as well as their self- confidence.


The main objective in this subject is to ensure that your child’s literacy skills meet the required standard. We place emphasis on extended writing to enable your child to become a sophisticated writer. Children are taught about the features of different levelled texts and are guided to produce writing of a high quality. We also prioritise reading comprehension so children are challenged to think beyond the literal level of a text.                                         


Building on your child’s accomplishments at school, we will teach your child the skills to develop their ability to tackle operations such as complex long and short multiplication/division (using modern and traditional methods), addition and subtraction, mental arithmetic, fractions, problem- solving, data handling, decimals, geometry and ratio and proportion. Familiarity with different test papers is a central approach to teaching.

Verbal and Non- Verbal Reasoning

Pupils will be taught a range of strategies to help them to understand how to approach the various verbal and non-verbal reasoning questions that they may encounter in entrance tests. Key techniques taught will include how and when to apply a particular strategy in order to proceed with accuracy as well as much needed speed.


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