We aim to develop children’s confidence, inquisitiveness and social and communication skills. Our caring teachers will work with your child to develop his/ her natural abilities by providing exciting activities through our excellent variety of resources that your child will enjoy. With copious praise and reward your child will experience success in learning and be inspired to try new things.

Your child will be given a one to one informal assessment to establish his/her early learning skills in communication, language and literacy and number awareness.

The curriculum combines the Early Years Foundation Curriculum and the early stages of the Key Stage 1 National Curriculum.

In Language, Communication and Literacy, the children will develop their ability to read and understand what they read as well as enhance their listening skills through listening to books read out aloud and instructions for tasks. Our experienced teachers will ensure your child receives the right scaffolding and encouragement to develop his/her writing skills. Activities will be planned to move your child on from grasping basic concepts about print (e.g. letter/ sound awareness, word recognition etc) to writing in full, meaningful sentences.

In number work, the curriculum centres on recognising and understanding the value of numbers. This will include gaining confidence in counting and recording numbers. Children will learn simple addition and subtraction through enriching practical activities.

Within the supportive climate of a small group you will find that your child’s concentration span will be extended and his/her self-esteem will flourish. All children are taught the importance of trying one’s best right from the start and that effort is linked to achievement.

Homework will be set each week and it is important that it is completed and returned each week so that the teacher can reward your child’s efforts and provide further encouragement.

By the end of the year your child will have blossomed and he/she will begin to find that learning is both enjoyable and rewarding.

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