Development of the Curriculum

I am delighted to introduce myself as the Head of Curriculum Development at Barrett Hay Saturday School.

I Work with a small team of teachers to develop and implement effective teaching and learning methods ensuring that the curriculum is accessible to all learner.

My main objectives are to:

  • Develop, coordinate and monitor the curriculum across the school.
  • Identify and adopt the most effective learning approaches for the pupils at Barrett Hay.
  • Deliver a manageable teaching load, to innovate and model a creative approach to teaching and learning.
  • Implement training for staff to support and facilitate teaching and learning.
  • Ensure that an effective framework of target setting, monitoring and reporting on the progress of pupils is established.
  • Disseminate good practice across the school.
  • Organise and lead training.
  • Effectively manage the performance of staff, ensuring that individuals are supported and challenged to provide an exemplary service.
  • Provide supervision to staff when required.
  • Identify resources needed to meet the teaching and learning needs of the school.
  • Establish close collaborative and informative relationships with a range of partners including school, LEA’s, Further Education establishments, parents, and communities, the private and voluntary sectors.
  • To keep up to date with current curriculum and learning developments and with the DfE polices and guidance.
  • Involve parents/carers in the education of the young person through, parent’s meetings, home visits and consultations.
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