7+ Entry

This is entry into UK independent preparatory schools at year 3 age 7/8.

For the schools that require an assessment, these examinations will usually be 60 minute English and Math Papers. For English there will be exercises in spelling, descriptive writing and comprehension. The student will be expected to write in simple, but full sentences. Math papers will included addition, subtraction, multiplication and division exercises. Whilst most candidates will be expected to know the 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times tables and have a basic concept of time, money and block graphs.

There may also be some verbal and non verbal reasoning, either combined with the above exams or assessed separately.  A wide vocabulary, good spelling are required for the verbal paper, whilst for non verbal reasoning a child needs an awareness of shapes, symmetry, 3D and an ability to find patterns.

The examinations will take place in mid January and usually be followed by an interview.

Finally, if your child has a specific learning difficulty (anything from Dyslexia to Dyspraxia) mention it on the application, as combined with a letter from an educational psychologist, the school will allow extra time in the tests.


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