Mathematics is a thriving and exceptionally well taught subject at Barrett Hay.

Success in mathematics is achieved at Barrett Hay because we understand the individual needs of ever child. We extend the talented pupils whilst offering support to those who require it. This enables all children to feel confident and to reach their full potential.

The subject is taught with an appreciation that we are not solely preparing pupils for examination success. We are very aware that children mature at different stages and in the curriculum there is not only the flexibility to extend our most able pupils, but also homework can be tailored to reinforce the basis skills and boost confidence when necessary.

Ever child in their class follows a core syllabus but this has the flexibility to allow the more able pupils to extend their experience and tackle more advanced problem solving, whilst giving others more time to consolidate their basic skills.

A wide range of methods is used to ensure that the lessons are stimulating and inspiring while meeting the needs both of the class and the individual child at every level.

Mathematical language is developed throughout the School and children are taught to estimate and check their working. Practical work, investigations and problem solving activities are integrated within a lesson.

There is no more assured way of developing the intellectual faculties of logic, reasoning and independent thinking than the study of mathematics.

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