Are staff experienced and CRB checked?

All of our teachers have extensive experience teaching across the full primary and secondary range. In order to comply with Safeguarding legislation it is a requirement of BHES that all teachers are CRB checked.

At what age can children come to Barrett Hay?

Children can enter the school when they are in Reception (aged 4/5 years) or can join in other year groups up to year 8 (age 12/13) so long as there are places available.

Are children assessed?

Yes. All children are assessed before being offered a place to ensure that the school is going to be right for them.

What curriculum does the school follow?

We work within the National Curriculum as well as our own programmes of study, particularly with regards to preparing children for secondary entrance examinations.

Can you provide specialist tuition for children with learning difficulties?

Yes, but we judge each child’s need on an individual basis.

Do you provide one to one tuition?

No, we have found that children thrive in a small group setting where they can learn from each other and compete in a mutually supportive environment.

Is there a break during lessons?

Yes, parents are requested to provide a light snack, for example fruit and a drink each week

What is Barrett Hay’s policy on discipline?

We have high expectations for all children. All children are required to develop a good work ethic to ensure that they get the best out of their tuition. We expect individuals to be polite, courteous and respectful to each other and all staff.

Do children get homework?

Yes, we take homework very seriously and homework is set on a weekly basis. We expect parents to fully engage with their child’s learning rather than just checking whether the tasks have been completed.

Do you accept childcare vouchers?

No, We are unable to accept childcare vouchers.


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