Teachers & Staff


Principal of Barrett Hay Educational ServiceMr G Hay

Mr Hay has been teaching and tutoring children for over 30 years.



Development of the Curriculum

J_BarretMs J Barret

Ms J Barret has been a head teacher for 20 years.




TeacherMr E Hickey 

     Mr Hickey is a retired head teacher with extensive teaching experience over 40 years.

TeacherMrs J Burr

   Mrs Burr is passionate about the English language and has been teaching for 25 years.

TeacherMr E Klassen

   Mr Klassen is a secondary  teacher of maths and English and has taught for over 18 years

TeacherMrs J Hickey 

   Mrs Hickey  specialises in key stage one and has taught for over 40.  


Teaching Assistants

Teaching AssistantMiss M Stubbs

Teaching AssistantMrs L Fraser-Owusu

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