Year 7 and 8

This class is designed to support and revise skills in English and Maths in years 7 and 8. The curriculum is delivered in line with the National Curriculum so that it complements what students are taught in school.

Students are individually assessed and work is differentiated appropriately and reviewed regularly, in order for all individuals to experience success in their learning. Group numbers are purposefully small to ensure all students receive the support they require.

Our aim is to improve our students’ ability to access and actively engage in lessons, so that learning is optimized and individuals develop the confidence to address areas requiring improvement whilst consolidating existing skills and knowledge.

Varied teaching styles are adopted and consistently used, as students are regularly encouraged to work individually, in pairs or in groups.

We aim to keep the classes enjoyable and engaging for pupils so that they see the benefit in attending and take more responsibility for their own learning.


Developing Critical Reading Skills

Students are encouraged to learn how to read objectively and critically. They will become familiar with the different techniques writers use to express their point of view. Texts will be introduced during lessons and students will be encouraged and inspired to carry on developing their own reading outside of sessions in order to increase their reading repertoire, particularly of more unfamiliar and challenging texts.

Extending Writing Skills

Building on the work accomplished in reading, students have the opportunity to use and adapt different genres of writing so they are able to write coherently and engagingly for different purposes and audiences using the techniques they have learnt from their reading.

Attention is focused on the technical skills of writing such as text structure and organization, grammar and punctuation. Drafting and re-drafting helps students see how their own work progresses through the year.


Within our mathematics lessons our aim is to help all students to progress within all areas of the curriculum. We strive for all students to become confident thinkers so that they can become competent mathematicians.

Students start by recapping basic numeracy skills before beginning to build the core topics of algebra, handling data, shape and space.

The application of mathematical concepts to real- life problems is a central tenet of the curriculum.

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